:: Athletic Training  

Georgia Southwestern State University Athletic Training provides comprehensive medical care for all student-athletes enrolled at the university. The emphasis of the program is placed on injury prevention, and the primary goal is to ensure that all student-athletes are healthy and ready to compete from the moment they arrive on campus. Care of the Hurricanes begins with healthy athletes and continues with year-round planning to keep them fit.

The Athletic Training staff is assisted by a network of highly qualified team physicians, all of whom are dedicated to providing the best possible care to GSW's student-athletes. This healthcare service includes the care of all minor and emergency injuries, treatment and rehabilitation of all injuries, health and nutrition counseling, as well as overall conditioning of the student-athlete.

The new Athletic Training Room is located with the Student Success Center, which opened for business in Spring 2006. Available modalities include cryotherapy, heat therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation for pain control and muscle reeducation, as well as compression therapy and hydrotherapy. The treatment and rehabilitation area was expanded to allow more room to work and includes a stationary bicycle, upper body ergometer, mini-trampoline with medicine balls, and several other rehabilitation tools. All available time and space is dedicated to promoting the well-being of GSW student-athletes.

The Athletic Training staff works closely with Georgia Southwestern's coaches to ensure all athletes are meeting treatment and rehabilitation expectations. The care given to GSW student-athletes is also extended to student-athletes from other institutions when they are visiting Americus for competition.