Entertainment A-Plenty for Clayton State

Entertainment A-Plenty for Clayton State

AMERICUS, Ga. – The Storm Dome on the campus of Georgia Southwestern State University will be home to serious Division II basketball action on Wednesday evening. With ranked teams and tournament positions to be had between both the men’s and women’s games against Clayton State University, there will be a lot on the line.

Yet the action on the court, and between the lines, isn’t the only reason to come to the Storm Dome. Georgia Southwestern Athletics and the university as a whole will be having two special events throughout the evening.


The university and the athletic department are working together to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Four professors have volunteered their faces for target practice from pies for a worthy cause. Doctors Bosak, Szmedra, Wilson and Athletic Director Jaclyn Donovan will all be targets for students. Tickets for the chance to throw can be purchased from GSW student-athletes. The drawing for winners will be held during the women’s match-up against the Lady Lakers. While the actual pie throwing will happen during the men’s game against the Lakers. The event is two days away and tickets are still available from GSW student-athletes.


Since the 2007-2008 academic year, Georgia Southwestern Athletics has awarded members of the university’s faculty this award. Student-athletes nominate the instructor that has made the biggest impact on and been the most influential in their academic careers.

These nominations are culminated and tallied by the athletic department and the award is given to the faculty member who helps GSW student-athletes become true students as well as athletes. The 2011-12 Faculty MVP award will be given Wednesday night as well.