Recap: Spring Break Baseball Edition

PEMBROKE, N.C. - The Georgia Southwestern baseball team finished up play with fellow Peach Belt opponent UNC Pembroke on Sunday afternoon.

GAME 3: GSW 4 – UNCP 10

The Hurricanes had a good defensive start to the game in the bottom of the first inning. Corey Benson started things after catching a fly out to right field. The second batter was walked and then was taken out in a double play that lined to Les Cromer then got the third batter out at first to Jarrod Taylor.

However, the next inning for UNC Pembroke came up with one run from a Brave getting walked, stealing second, then on a single to right field Schmucker was able to make it home.

The Hurricanes were able to get a quick three outs in the next inning with a fly out caught by Evan Alderman. The next out came from a bunt attempt getting out by Taylor to pitcher Lance Shelton. The final out was grounded out to Stephen Eldridge.

The top of the fourth inning was productive as Taylor and Eldridge hit singles into left field. Zach Moss was able to hit a single into right center to bring in Taylor. Moss and Josh Sanders' unfortunately were caught stealing at second base. Corey Benson was able to hit a single into center field to bring Eldridge home before the end of the inning. The Hurricanes were up one run at the end of the inning.

The top of the fifth inning, Les Cromer made it on base then advanced around the diamond on a throwing error. Alderman was able to hit a single up the middle to bring Cromer in. At the bottom of the inning UNC Pembroke came back with three runs. These runs came from a Gagnon homerun bringing in another run. Then the next runner scored on a wild pitch.

The next run for the Braves was in the seventh from a double hit by Denton allowing Fraga to score. The top of the eighth inning was promising for GSW as Neal Chambless hit a single up the middle allowing Eldridge to make it around the bases.

UNC Pembroke ran away with the score in the bottom of the eighth with five runs. These runs came from a fly out sacrifice to bring in the first runner. Then a double hit into right center brought in the next run. Two walks in a row pushed a runner home. The next two came from a double hit to right center. The third runner was out at home plate to achieve the third out.

The Hurricanes were unable to get another run in at the top of the ninth finishing the game early.

Shelton (1-6) takes the loss for the Hurricanes after pitching six innings and giving up six hits and four runs. Earl Durpree made an appearance for 1.2 innings, during this time he gave up three hits and four runs. Coty Graham finished things off with 0.1 innings, pitching to four, giving up two runs and hits.

UNC Pembroke's Andy Sullivan (4-0) took the win after pitching 6.1 innings giving up eight hits and three runs. Brandon Estrain made an appearance giving up three hits and one run. Patrick McMahon took the save ,his second, when he finished the game only giving up one hit.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The baseball team was on the road on Wednesday to take on Stillman College.

GAME 1: SC 6 – GSW 2

Zach Moss started things off for GSW after hitting a double into center field to bring in both Evan Alderman and Devyn Newberry. These were the only runs for GSW during the game.

Stillman College came alive during the bottom of the fourth inning when E.J. Perry hit a triple into right center to bring in two runners. Later in the inning another base hit let Perry in to score.

The following inning, Stillman's Nick Baldelli-Boggs hit a triple into right field to bring in a fellow teammate to score.

At the bottom of the sixth, Stillman's Chris Brown had a base hit that allowed Seth Booth to score. Following this another runner was able to make it home in a stolen attempt.

GSW's Zach Smith (0-3) took credit for the loss after pitching in a little over five innings. Smith gave up eight hits and six runs. Justin Barnes finished the game for GSW only giving up a hit.

Stillman's Jordan Mata (1-3) took his first win for the season after pitching all nine innings only giving up four hits and two runs.

GAME 2: SC 4 – GSW 5

Day Two of the series with Stillman appeared to begin much like the first game. Moss was able to bring in the first run of the game again; after he was taken out at first from the shortstop.

Unlike the first game, GSW kept scoring. In the top of the fifth inning Taylor hit a double to bring Alderman home. Moss hit a sacrifice fly out to right center that was good enough to bring Eldridge home.

Stillman College was able to finally respond in the bottom of the sixth when Brad Sevenish hit a single to center field to bring in two runners.

Zach Moss hit another single to right field to bring Eldridge during the top of the seventh inning. Then Alderman hit a single to center field, in the eighth inning, to bring in Corey Benson.

Stillman took advantage of two guys being on base when Dunn hit a single to the shortstop Anthony Delgado was able to score. And in a last attempt effort, Stillman was able to get one more run in before the last out was called in the bottom of the ninth.

Earl Dupree (1-0) took the win after pitching five innings. Dupree gave up five hits and two runs. Zac Wittmus made an appearance pitching and Matthew Suggs earned his first save of the season.

Stillman's pitcher Tyler Simmons (3-3) took the loss after pitching five innings, giving up six hits and three runs. Myles Jeanminette, Dawson Turberville, and Nicholas Gensler also made appearances on the mound to give up a combined five hits and two runs.

The Hurricanes stay on the road to play at West Georgia on Wednesday, March 26th at 6:00.