WHOA Nellie

WHOA Nellie

AMERICUS Georgia Southwestern softball took to Lady 'Cane Field on Monday afternoon for their second doubleheader in two days' time. Although #17 ranked Anderson University was holding the most runs, in the final innings of both games GSW snuck in the win.

GAME 1: AU (S.C.) 5 GSW 6

In game one, the Lady 'Canes fell behind early. In the first inning Jessica Neidigh completed the first run around the bases for the Lady Trojans. In the top of the third, Danielle Swygert was hit-by-pitch, while the bases were loaded, pushing Katelynn Howser in to score. Following this play, Laura Janskey hit a fly out sacrifice to bring in the next runner. Bri Cason and Neidigh made the last two trips around the bases for the Lady Trojans in the fourth and sixth innings.

The Lady 'Canes weren't done yet. Keri Tompkins it a sacrifice bunt in the sixth inning to bring in Mason Moreland to give GSW their first run.

The seventh inning was big for GSW as Ashley Clifton reached base, then on a throwing error was able to reach third, letting Lauren Thrasher make it home safe. Kiley Doster was the next Hurricane up to bat; she was able to single into left field bringing in Clifton. Hayley Knight then doubled down the left line, allowing pinch runner, Erin Steele to run the bases home. Moore was next up to bat for GSW, as she rocketed a ball out of right field for her seventh homerun of the season. Moore brought in Knight, to finish the game 6-5.

GSW's Allison Pastor (6-4) earned the win as she was pitching when the Lady 'Canes secured the win. Pastor pitched three innings only allowing one hit and run and struck out two. Ashley Cavender started for the Hurricanes, she pitched four innings, facing 21 batters and allowed six hits and four runs.

Anderson University's Katelynn Howser (8-1) took the loss for the Trojans after pitching 6.2 innings giving up six runs and hits and striking out seven. This was Howsers first loss of the season.

GAME 2: AU 3 GSW 4

Anderson University took to the field hot in the first inning. After Molly Child and Neidigh had reached base; Swygert hit a homerun to bring everyone in. In the first inning Anderson was up 3-0.

In the bottom of the third, GSW started to get a move on things again as Hayley Knight had reached base, Moore was up and hit a double into right center to bring her in.

In the fourth, Clifton hit a single to left center to bring Rachel McElroy in to score. The Lady 'Canes were unable to get anything happening in the fifth. The Lady 'Canes were only able to produce a hit from Keri Tompkins.

The next inning for GSW, with one out on the board, Thrasher was walked. Clifton, next up to bat, hit a big homerun into the left field territory. The inning finished with two runs, three hits, and three left on base.

The following inning was nerve racking for fans as GSW was on defense. The first batter walked, the second out from a catch by Moore in foul territory. Two more batters came up and made it to base. With the bases loaded, Cavender struck out the final two to end the game.

Cavender took the win for GSW as she was the pitcher when the Hurricanes took the win. Cavender (7-4) pitched three innings only allowed three hits and no runs. Pastor started the game for GSW. She pitched four innings, faced 18 batters, allowed four hits and three runs. She was able to strike out three and walk two and only allowed one homerun.

Anderson's pitcher Lauren Rudesheim (8-2) took the loss. Rudesheim pitched all six innings faced 31 batters, allowed seven hits and four runs, one of which was a very important homerun.

The Lady 'Canes take to Lady 'Cane Field again, for a doubleheader, on Wednesday against Palm Beach Atlantic at 1 p.m.