:: Prospective Student-Athlete

A prospective student-athlete (PSA) is any student who has started classes for the ninth (9th) grade. An individual remains a PSA until the individual officially registers and enrolls in a minimum full time program of studies and attends class in any term of a four year collegiate institution regular academic year; or the individual participates in a regular squad practice or competition at a four year collegiate institution.

Once an individual becomes a PSA, there are certain NCAA restrictions that the PSA should be aware of during their recruitment process. They are as follows:

  • Recruitment – Recruitment of a PSA begins when any solicitation of a prospect or a prospect relatives (or legal guardians) by an institutional staff member or by a representative of the institution’s athletics interests for the purpose of securing the prospect’s enrollment and ultimate participation in the institution’s intercollegiate athletics program.  (NCAA Bylaw 13.02.10)
    • Contact – A contact is any face-to-face encounter between a PSA or PSA’s relatives or legal guardian(s) and an institutional staff member or athletics representative which any dialogue occurs in excess of an exchange of a greeting. (NCAA Bylaw 13.02.3)
    • Evaluation – An evaluation is any off-campus activity designed to assess the academic qualifications or athletics ability of a PSA, including any visit to a PSA’s educational institution or the observation of any practice or competition at any site at which the PSA is scheduled to participate. (NCAA Bylaw 13.02.6)
    • Please note that contacts and evaluations may not occur before June 15th immediately preceding the PSA’s junior year in high school.
    • If you would like to be recruited by our university, please complete the following Prospective Student-Athlete Information & Preliminary Certification Form that best describes you and send to the appropriate coaching staff.
    • GSW sport-specific recruiting questionnaires
  • Unofficial Visit – A PSA may make unofficial visits to an institution’s campus beginning June 15th immediately preceding his or her junior year in high school. Since an unofficial visit is at the PSA’s own expense, they may make these visits an unlimited number of times. (NCAA Bylaw 13.7.1)
  • Official Visit – A PSA may make an official visits to an institution’s campus beginning June 15th immediately preceding his or her junior year in high school. Since an official visit allows the institution to pay in whole or in part the expense of the visit, a PSA is allowed to make only 1 official visit to our institution. (NCAA Bylaw 13.6)
    • Requirements for an Official Visits:
      • High school or prep school PSA must (1) present the institution with a current high school transcript (official or unofficial), (2) register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, and (3) be placed on the IRL list by the Compliance Office.
      • Two (2) or Four (4) Year Transfers must present the institution with a current academic transcript (official or unofficial).
    • Length of Visit: An official visit to our institution may not exceed 48 hours.
  • Useful Links
    • NCAA Guide to the College Bound Student-Athlete will provide you and your parents valuable information that will help you during your recruitment process.
    • You need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center to compete at an NCAA Division II school.