Bring The Kids. They Get Stuff.

Bring The Kids. They Get Stuff.

The card is free. The prizes are free.

All you've got to do is cheer on the Hurricanes!

Kids attending select GSW home events in 2016-17 have the opportunity to earn free stuff. Lots of it. How? Follow these steps:

1. Pick up a free Surge's Squad Punch Card at the entry of the Storm Dome (basketball), Lady Canes Field (softball) or Hurricane Stadium (baseball).

2. Proceed to get a punch for that event*.

*Punch locations vary by venue and the dates available for punches at softball and baseball are listed below the image. Cards can be brought to all basketball games.

3. When your child has earned an even-numbered amount of punches, they will receive a prize. The 10th punch is a Surge's Squad t-shirt!

Softball Punch Card Dates

February 18, 19

March 3, 18, 19

April 1, 2

Baseball Punch Card Dates

February 11, 12, 17

March 11, 12

April 14, 15