Lady 'Canes Split With West Alabama

Lady 'Canes Split With West Alabama

MILLEDGEVILLE-The second double header for Georgia Southwestern Softball team in the Bobcat Blast took place at Georgia College on February 2nd. GSW split the games with West Alabama. The bottom of the fourth inning in the first game was golden for the Lady 'Canes. The bottom of the third inning in the second game showed to be the take down force for the Lady 'Canes in the end.

GAME 1: GSW 7 West Alabama 4

The Lady 'Canes went into the bottom of the 2nd inning tied zero zero, with no hits so far. Allison Pastor stepped up to the plate and sent a home run into the right field. The Lady Hurricanes finished the inning with one run and hit, no errors, and no one left on base.  

The following inning for GSW proved to be just as rewarding with Kiley Doster singling into the center field. Mason Moreland sent a sacrifice bunt to let Doster advance to second. When Haley Knight stepped up to the plate she hit a double into left field allowing Doster to score.

The Lady 'Canes finished the inning with one run, two hit, no errors, and one left on base.

The Lady 'Canes were on a roll going into the bottom of the fourth. Pastor started things off with a walk, then making it to second on a pass ball. Keri Tompkins was the next Hurricane to reach first. Rachel McElroy made a sacrifice bunt to help advance her teammates, although on a throwing error McElroy made it to first. With the bases loaded Chelsea Hodges was walked, bringing in Pastor. Doster was next to reach first base, on fielder's choice, bringing Tompkins to score. McElroy was out on third. Hodges made it to second base. Moreland was the next at bat to reach first on fielder's choice; however, Hodges was out at second. Hayley Knight hit a double to right center allowing McCall Faulkner to score and Moreland to advance to third. Jordan Miller was the next Hurricane to be walked. Nellie Moore followed singling to center field bringing in both Knight and Moreland. The inning ended with five runs, three hits, one error, and two left on base.

The top of the sixth and seventh inning West Alabama was able to get a few runs in by Brown, J. Whilddon, S. Wright, and A. Shartzer. West Alabama finished the game with two runs, three hits, zero errors, and two left on base. The Lady 'Canes were able to cut the game short in the final inning with a three run lead.

Ashley Cavender takes the win for GSW after facing 29 batters, striking out four, and only allowing four runs and two walks. Lauren Thrasher assisted in the pitching efforts with one strikeout. 

West Alabama's T. Tucker gets credited with the loss. After facing 13 runners, three hits, two runs, one walk, and allowing one home run. Alli Hall assisted the pitching efforts in the final three innings. Allowing four hits, five runs, and four walks.


GAME 2: GSW 0 West Alabama 9

The second game in the double header came to a different tune for the Lady 'Canes.

After an unsuccessful first three innings, West Alabama was up to bat at the bottom of the 3rd. A. Shartzer was the first to walk, then L. North tripled bringing Shartzer in for the first point of the game. Following which two players walked, then Schick sent a home run into left center. Another player was walked. Then Cavender replaced Allison Pastor on the pitchers mound. Four more players from West Alabama were able to score. The inning ended with nine runs, five hits, no errors, and three left on base.

No more runs happened over the course of the final two innings. S. Davis of West Alabama was credited with the win after pitching all five innings facing 19 batters allowing only three hits. Pastor is credited with the loss for GSW after facing 15 batters, and giving up two hits, six runs, and one home run. Cavender finished the game only allowing three hits, runs, and walks. 

The Lady 'Canes are on the road again to play a double-header against Albany State on February 5th, the first game is set to begin at 1:00 p.m.