Recap: Spring Break Softball Edition

Recap: Spring Break Softball Edition

St. Petersburg, Fla. – The beginning of Georgia Southwestern softball team's spring break road trip began with a split at Eckerd College on Tueday. The second game featured three homeruns by Nellie Moore, Keri Tompkins, and Jordan Miller.


GAME 1: EC 3 – GSW 4

The Lady 'Canes were at bat 28 times in which time they achieved four runs and eight hits.

Miller started things off in the second inning with a homerun bringing the score to 1-0.

Eckerd College was able to bring in one run in the fourth from a single hit to third base.

The sixth inning proved to be very exciting for the Lady 'Canes as Moore and Tompkins hit back to back home runs in the left field territory.

Early in the seventh inning Lauren Thrasher kept things going with a double into left field. Later in the inning, Erin Steele hit a single to bring in Thrasher.

Eckerd College was able to score two more runs during the seventh inning.

Pastor (8-6) took the win for the Lady 'Canes after pitching all seven innings and only giving up six hits and three runs.

Eckerd College's Erin Dixson (8-8) took the loss after pitching all seven innings. Dixson gave up eight hits, four runs, three homeruns, and three errors.


GAME 2: EC 8 – GSW 5

The tables turned a bit during the second game of the day as Eckerd found the winning side. Eckerd had homeruns by Chelsea Jeffares and two doubles by Kara Oberer and Sydney Dinelli. The Lady 'Canes were only able to responded with one double.

The Lady 'Canes appeared to be starting things off well when Moore reached first off a single and stole her way all the way to third. Tompkins the next batter up was able to bat Moore in for the first point.

Eckerd responded with a homerun in the first. Then in the bottom of the third, off a double to left field by Dinelli, two runs were brought in. Shortly after, Dinelli and Alex Barone were able to finish her trip home after Amber Hay made contact.

The Lady 'Canes were able to respond in the fifth inning when Mary Beth Wilson hit a double into right center bringing Ashley Clifton and Erin Steele home.

In the next inning Rachel McElroy brought Tompkins home when she hit a single up the middle. Later in the inning, Clifton hit a single into center field that let McElroy finish her trip around the bases. At the end of the inning, the score was tied.

However, Eckerd College was able to get three more runs in and GSW was unable to complete another run.

Ashley Cavender (7-6) took the loss for GSW after pitching 5.1 innings and having allowed nine hits and eight runs. Pastor finished the game for the Lady Canes. Pastor only faced three batters, she allowed one hit.

Erin Dixson (9-8) took the win as the win was achieved while she was pitching. Dixson faced 11 batters in the second game and allowed four hits and two runs. Amber Hay started the game and pitched five innings. Hay allowed seven hits and three runs. Hay also achieved seven strikeouts.


Concluding these two games Georgia Southwestern moves onto 16-12 overall record. Eckerd College moves to a 14-all overall record.


Lakeland, Fla. – The next stop for the Lady 'Canes was against Florida Southern on Wednesday. Homeruns were seen in the split series from Allison Pastor, Miller, and Moore.


GAME 1: FS 4 – GSW 3

Florida Southern started things off with two runs in the third inning. By the fourth inning, Pastor rocked a ball out of right field. This homerun also brought in Moore. Following this homerun, Jordan Miller hit a homerun out of left field, to bring the score 3-2.

Florida Southern was able to tie the score in the fifth after Kim Booker advanced on a wild pitch.

The two teams went back and forth all the way to the ninth inning. At the bottom of the ninth, with bases loaded, Leah Pemberton was able to bring in Priscilla Gonzalez for the winning run.

Cavender (7-7) took the loss after pitching the final 2.1 innings and facing 12 batters as she gave up the winning run. Cavender gave up five hits and one run. Pastor was the starting pitcher for the Lady 'Canes. She pitched six innings and gave up five hits, three runs, and walked five.

Florida Southern's Chelsea Oglevie (8-4) took the win after pitching all nine innings, facing 35 batters, and only giving up eight hits, three runs, and two homeruns.


GAME 2: FS 0 – GSW 6

The second game for Wednesday afternoon took a little longer than desired to see runs up on the scoreboard.

Erin Steele was the first Hurricane to bring in a run, as she was able to make it home after a pass ball was thrown in the fifth inning.

The Lady 'Canes kept things moving in the sixth inning, Lauren Thrasher brought Tompkins in after reaching on a fielding error by the pitcher. Shortly after, Kiley Doster hit a double into right center bringing Thrasher home.

By the seventh inning Moore hit a home run to also bring in McElroy. Chelsea Hodges kept things moving with a single up the left center to allow Tompkins to score.

After a hard fought two games, the Lady 'Canes seemed to finish this game with ease in the final three innings.

Cavender (8-7) took the win for the Lady 'Canes. She pitched six innings and allowed six hits. Pastor contributed an inning only facing three batters and striking out one.

Flordia Southern's Hannah Loyer (1-1) takes the loss after pitching six innings and allowing four hits and three runs. Loyer was able to make an impressive ten strikeouts on the Lady 'Canes. Kelli Connors finished the game for Florida Southern allowing four hits and three runs; one of which was a homerun.


St. Augustine, Fla. – The final stop for the Lady 'Canes was on Saturday afternoon against Flagler. The Lady 'Canes were able to split the doubleheader with their Peach Belt Conference foe.


GAME 1: FC 2 – GSW 1

The beginning of the game was unproductive for both teams until the sixth inning. However, Cavender and her defense had a great start. In the first inning Cavender struck out two swinging. While the other Flagler batter was taken care of with an out from Mason Moreland to Clifton at first.

In the bottom of the second, Cavender walked one who later advanced on a sacrifice bunt. Then the defense took care of the rest when Moreland caught a pop up and Hayley Knight caught a line drive.

In the third inning was the first time Flagler was able to achieve hits. However these batters were left strained on base after the third out was a pop up caught by Moreland.

In the fourth inning, the first out came from a third to first base throw out. The next came when Moore and Moreland caught a runner stealing to second. Moore also caught a ball hit into foul territory for the third out.

The bottom of the fifth inning started with a fly out to right fielder, McElroy. Cavender then struck a batter out looking. Following this out was Miller catching a ball in foul territory, completing the third out.

The Lady 'Canes then were able to break the no scoring streak with a run at the top of the sixth. Miller hit a single bunt to the pitcher, where Pastor was able to bring herself home. The inning finished with one run, three hits, no errors, and three left on base.

Flagler was then able to bring in two more runs. With bases loaded, two girls were walked in during the six inning. After a pitching change, only three more batters came up.

The Lady 'Canes were unable to get another run on the scoreboard before the end of the game.

Cavender (7-7) took the loss after allowing five hits and two runs. Cavender faced 23 batters, walked four and struck out four. Pastor finished the game pitching one inning and facing three batters. Flagler College's Kalyn Loverich (9-8) takes the win for Flagler after pitching all seven innings and only allowing nine hits and one run.


GAME 2: FC 1 – GSW 6

GSW was off to an early start in the second game. In the second inning, Moreland hit a single up center field, to bring in McElroy for the first score. In the next inning, Moore hit a homerun into left field. The Lady 'Canes were then leading the score 2-0. At the bottom of the inning Flagler was able to complete a run.

In the fifth inning, Thrasher hit double down the left line to bring in McElroy and Steele. Clifton finished up the scores for the inning hitting a single up the middle to bring Thrasher home.

In the top of the sixth, Tompkins hit a big single down the left side which allowed Hayley Knight to bring in the final score for the Lady 'Canes.

Pastor (9-6) takes credit for the win for GSW after pitching all seven innings. Pastor only allowed six hits and one run. She also struck out four of the 27 batters faced.

Flagler's Katelynn Smith (4-6) took the loss after pitching 4.2 innings, giving up ten hits and five runs. Tinsley Smith also made an appearance during the game pitching in 2.1 facing nine batters and only gave up one hit and one run.


Georgia Southwestern finishes this weeks games' with an 18-14 overall record and 2-4 Peach Belt Conference record. Flagler College concludes the series 17-21 overall and 5-5 in the PBC. 


After the week's games, Nellie Moore now has 10 homeruns in her count. Keri Tompkins isn't too far behind with five homeruns. Jordan Miller and Allison Pastor add three homeruns each. The Lady 'Canes have a total of 25 homeruns compared to their opponents played 16 homeruns against.

Allison Pastor has pitched in exactly 100 innings during her senior year in which time she has a 9-6 record and has 59 strikeouts. Ashley Cavender has pitched in 92 innings and has 46 strikeouts.


The Lady 'Canes are back at it tomorrow, Sunday, against Armstrong in a Peach Belt Conference doubleheader beginning at 1 p.m.