No Luck At 2019 Cougar Classic

No Luck At 2019 Cougar Classic

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- The Georgia Southwestern softball team finished 1-3 at the 2019 Cougar Classic this weekend, beating Albany State 8-4 Saturday morning. The Lady Canes fell to Embry-Riddle (Fla.) twice in close games while Union (Tenn.) won the last game in six innings. 

Aimee Oglesby led this weekend with six RBIs and two home runs while Hayley Tierce sent one over the fence to increase her record. 

Game One: GSW 4, Embry-Riddle (Fla.) 5

Both teams were scoreless during the first two innings until Lisa Hop pushed her teammate across the plate in the top of the third for the RBI with a sacrifice fly. In the bottom of the fourth with bases loaded, Mackenzy McFarland was walked as everyone advanced to send Tanner Robertson across the plate to tie the game at 1-1. 

The Eagles regained the lead in the top of the sixth with a home run over the left wall. They also scored on an error by Sara Beth King at the home plate. In the top of the seventh, the Eagles homered again over the left wall. They added separation when Elisha Barker pushed her teammate across the plate with a fielding error by Tierce to put the score at 5-1. 

In the bottom of the seventh, King returned the favor when she homered right up the middle. With Robertson on base, Tierce homered over the right wall for two RBIs as the Lady Canes made a last minute push for the comeback win but failed. Jennifer Jernigan (1-2) pitched five innings and let go eight hits. 

Game two: GSW 8, Albany State 4

Kayla Rowell got the party started early for GSW when she pushed Tierce and Chloe Zoeller across the plate as she reached first base on a third base error. Rowell eventually made her way around and scored on a catchers error for the 3-0 lead. Albany State quickly answered the next inning with Megan Shepherd tripled to push two of her teammates across the plate for a 3-2 score. 

GSW scored five times in the top of the fourth inning with a Robertson bunt that pushed Shannon Gibson across the plate. A few pitches later, Zoeller singled to left as Robertson advanced and Haley Griffin scored. Tierce hit a double on the next pitch as she got two RBIs when Zoeller and Robertson uped the score for GSW. Kayla Rowell ended the scoring for the Lady Canes when she singled to the left field and pushed Tierce across. 

KayLynn Church (1-0) got her first win of the season as she pitched the full game. She let go seven hits and had four strikeouts. 

Game three: GSW 5, Embry-Riddle (Fla.) 6

The Lady Canes were looking for payback when they faced the Eagles again in day two of the 2019 Cougar Classic. In the top of the fourth inning, a double by Tierce led McFarland to start the scoring. Elizabeth Wills picked up an RBI with a single into right field that pushed Tierce across the plate. With Jenna Hollomon and Wills on base, Oglesby hit a home run over the left wall as she picked up three RBIs for a 5-0 lead. 

The Eagles picked up three scores in the bottom of the fourth inning as an error by Oglesby let two of those scores slip in. Embry-Riddle (Fla.) tied the score in the bottom of the sixth inning and took the lead in the bottom of the seventh to win the game 6-5. Madason Messer (1-1) took the mound in the fifth inning where she let go four hits and gave up three runs to take the loss. 

Game four: GSW 4, Union (Tenn.) 14

GSW cycled through six pitchers during a tough final game of the 2019 Cougar Classic as each pitcher let off at least one hit. Jernigan (1-3) pitched one inning, had one strike out and let go one home run as she took the loss.  

Union (Tenn.) was up 9-0 when GSW could finally get on the board. Lauren Kuerzi received an RBI when she doubled to the right in the bottom of the fourth as Allyson Murdock put GSW on the board. Oglesby scorched one over the left field for her second home run of the weekend as Wills and Kuerzi ran across the plate to end the fourth inning down 9-4. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Robertson closed the game with a RBI as Wills advanced to up the score for GSW.

Up Next: The Lady Canes (5-5) will play their first home game of the season when Valdosta State comes to town on Tuesday, Feb. 19. The first pitch of the double header is set for 4 p.m.